Can you quote my airport transfers or private van trips?

We have a real-time quotation system for airport transfers, long-distance trips, day tours. The system calculates precise costs based on the distance of travel and many other factors. You can book instantly without asking for quotes or inquiring availability. Book online right away and we guarantee a pleasant service.  

Private Van Hire Service


[How it works]
- How to book a private van 
- Cancellation Policy
- Vehicle types (the system will show automatically which types of vehicles are available for your itinerary)


[Frequently asked questions ]

1) I can't find the hotel/place I want to visit.

Please enter the full address of the location. We use Google Maps to pull address data. Try finding your place on Google Maps and use the same address. Also, try our tips on I can't find the hotel/place I want to visit

2) Can I add stopovers later?

The van booking system provides quotes based on distance traveled, among other factors, so if you do not enter the exact addresses of each stop you want to make, there will be additional surcharges.

3) Do I really have to put all the stopovers for my day tour now?

The basic price structure is set up as "XXX won up to 150km", "YYY won up to 2000km" so to get a general idea of a day tour price, you can put just one or two stops in the city. For example, most people doing day tours in Seoul do not travel more than 150km so the tour price with 1-2 stops will be within 5% difference from Seoul tour with 5 stops.  

4) Can you enter all the places for me and send me an email billing link?

Indiway (Funtastic Korea) is a platform that offers standardized products so we can offer the lowest rates for all of our users. If you prefer to have the convenience of a customized service where our agents book for you, and then send an email billing link, there is a 20% surcharge on top of quoted price. 

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