How do we trust Indiway (Funtastic Korea)?

Indiway (Funtastic Korea) is a platform (intermediary). 

All of our products are operated by individual suppliers. We connect you (consumers) to the local service providers (suppliers) and help sell supplier's products. Our suppliers provide tours, attraction tickets, transportation service, food delivery and other services. Indiway (Funtastic Korea) helps by providing contents suitable for foreigners, setting up an easy-to-use system, taking care of payment, customer service, marketing and more. Indiway (Funtastic Korea) helps control the supplier's quality of service by listening to the customer's reviews. 

Google ranking

For starters, if we are such an obscure supplier, you'll have a tough time finding out much about us. =) You probably found us through Google and Google takes a lot of effort to determine the site's reliability before ranking it up high. 


We are a registered travel agency in Korea with travel agency insurance required by the South Korean government. Our business registration number can be found on our homepage. If you have a Korean friend to help you, you can search with our business registration number to see if we are really registered.

More information

You can find out more about us on our About Us page and Facebook page. Some customers have left reviews about us on Tripadvisor. You can also do a quick search on Google to see other people's postings about Funtastic Korea.


To add on to your peace of heart, we accept payments by either PayPal (our credit card intermediary). As you know, these global payment service providers not only have strict due diligence requirements on the companies they work with, but also excellent resolution/dispute support. =)

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