Can I leave luggage/valuables in the car?

Indiway (Funtastic Korea) is a platform (intermediary). 

All of our products are operated by individual suppliers. We connect you (consumers) to the local service providers (suppliers) and help sell supplier's products. The drivers provide transportation service and Indiway (Funtastic Korea) helps them by providing contents suitable for foreigners, setting up an easy-to-use system, taking care of payment, customer service, marketing and more. Indiway (Funtastic Korea) helps control the supplier's quality of service by listening to the customer's reviews. 

What if your luggage gets stolen?

We secure your booking by promising the driver to pay after the transportation service has been completed. If you have issues with luggage, you can report to us before leaving the vehicle so we can help with an internal investigation with the driver. The driver does not get paid for such cases under investigation so it will work as discouraging factor against theft. 

If the driver denies of such charge, please report to the local police. If there is black box footage, the police will be able to determine whether it was 1) theft by the driver 2) theft by a stranger or 3) the item was never there in the first place. 

Do not leave valuables in the car & get travel insurance

Even with all the measures in place, it's best not to leave valuables in the car. It also helps immensely if you have travel insurance that replaces items stolen during a trip. Korea is relatively a safe place. People often leave their hand bags or phones on the table when they go to the counter to order. Still, get a peace of mind with insurance


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