Can I wire transfer?

We usually only accept reservations and payments through our website. If you have trouble making payment with your credit card, please kindly send your payment to us through bank transfer. Please note that all bank transactions charges should be borne by the customer including intermediary bank transaction fees.
Our bank details are as follows for domestic wire transfers (Within Korea):
*Send payment in Korean Won only. This account does not accept foreign currency* 
Bank name : Shinhan Bank 
Account holder's name : CCPARTNERS
Account number : 140-009-642240
For international wire transfers (Not recommended): 
*International wire transfers are not recommended due to the time it takes to send money and the transfer fee.*

1. Book online by choosing the “cash” option during checkout. 
2. Inform by email ( when you have made the transfer. 
3. Email Voucher will be sent after checking. 
4. Redeem your product with the Email Voucher. 
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