Can I get my Confirmation Email before I leave for Korea?

For some products, we cannot confirm the details until 2 - 3 days before the booked/tour date. 

You do not need to print anything and you will have good wi-fi access in Korea so please make sure you check for the Confirmation Email. You will NOT be able to redeem your product without it. 

Especially for Shuttle packages or Tours, we have to wait until 3-4 days before the actual tour date to decide on the vehicle and driver, depending on the number of passengers. Confirmation Email includes the driver's contact information, meeting point, etc. so our confirmation is delayed.

If you are still worried, please make sure to contact us via Whatsapp(+82-10-6798-1316), Facebookemail, phone(+82-70-7574-1107) to check again. 

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