Can we fit more people into the van?


Our vehicles come with legal passenger capacity as shown in the link below or on our website. The number does not include the driver so please count only yourselves.

If for any reason, you want to fit more people than the stated capacity, we need you to agree on the following. We follow the maximum capacity, not because we want you to pay more, but because we want to ensure the safety of passengers and follow the traffic regulations.

Please copy and paste the following into the NOTES section of your order page.


1. I confirm that Indiway(Funtastic Korea) has explained all the following terms and conditions.

2. I acknowledge that the maximum number of passengers for a <<Vehicle type>> is<<capacity>> people excluding the driver, including children or infant of any age. “Extra passengers” is hereby defined as ‘extra passengers exceeding the maximum capacity of the vehicle’.

3. I agree that neither Indiway(Funtastic Korea) nor van driver nor any intermediary in between is responsible for any extra passengers and I will not hold them responsible for any circumstances relating to having extra passengers.

4. In case of any accident, I understand that the car insurance will only apply to the first <<capacity>> people excluding the driver. I understand that passengers exceeding the number of passengers will not be covered by the car insurance and agree to pay for any bills associated. I confirm that I will not hold Indiway nor van driver nor any intermediary responsible for compensation of any kind for the extra passengers.

5. In case of any traffic regulation by police or other authorities, I acknowledge that the driver may be fined for allowing extra passengers and I agree to pay the fine on behalf of the driver. If the driver is punished in non-monetary ways such as minus points on license, I also agree to pay the driver for the punishment to whatever amount the driver deems as adequate.

6. I certify that I am the sole representative of my group and others all agree on these aforementioned terms and conditions.

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