Can you help me book a hotel?

Hotel booking
Currently, we do not provide hotel/guesthouse/accommodation booking services. We recommend you to use websites like Agoda,Expedia
Custom package
Think of Indiway (Funtastic Korea) shopping as ordering a meal at McDonalds. Indiway is like McDonalds without any set menus. You can put all the components into the CART and wa la, you will have a great meal that fits your taste the best.
If you need someone to prepare your trip from scratch and provide hotel booking services as well, we recommend you to contact other travel agencies specializing in custom trips such as Cosmojin, Seoul City TourThis is Korea or Hana Tour.
Partner guesthouse
Seoul Mansion is a apartment style family hotel located in Hongdae area. It's only 1 minute walk from Exit 3 of Hongik University Station, where Airport Express Railroad(AREX) stops. 
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