We are a travel agency. Can we use your service?

From past experience of working with other agencies, we have found that not all the information that Indiway (Funtastic Korea) provides is always delivered to the end user causing delays, inconveniences, miscommunication between our tour operators and ultimately, the end user.

It is our goal to provide the best experiences for people visiting Korea to travel independently and explore with as little barriers as possible. We can only process your orders if:

A) You agree that all information provided by Indiway (Funtastic Korea) will be delivered to the client

B) You agree to take responsibility for any disruptions resulting from a failure to communicate effectively (including our cancellation policies, penalty for being late or no show, any information on the Email Voucher, our website and our email/phone conversations)

C) You agree to give us the end user's contact information or liaise the conversation without any delay during emergency situations

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